Students’ journeys start before they arrive at Uni

Frances Parry and Alli Coyle (IAD)

We attended the Student Recruitment and Admissions (SRA) PG student admission event on Friday 4th July . The on-campus event was for PG applicants or offer -holders for academic year 20014/15. It was only the 2nd time this event had run, but in response to feedback this year students had the chance to talk to more staff from different services .


Whilst we can’t say for certain how many people came to speak to us, there were in the region of 100 people at the event and we were kept busy! A non-stop stream of students brimming with questions ranging from “So what do you do?” “Do you have writing workshops?” through to “What will it be like doing a masters at Edinburgh University?” It was initially surprising how many prospective students had heard of the IAD, until we realised the SRA team had highlighted us in two separate sessions! Many of the prospective students actively engaged in conversation. Their questions were wide-ranging and they were interested in how the IAD would be able to support them in their studies.  It was a great opportunity for us to talk about the role of the IAD and to signpost the services and support we offer to PGR and PGT students. 

The event really was great to attend. For students it was a chance get to know what services the university can offer, but perhaps more importantly it was an opportunity  to get know the people who make up the university. For us it was an opportunity to get to know our students and their feelings prior to starting their academic studies.  


So what is important for students beginning post graduate study? Clearly for these students their journey starts now; they were eager to understand how they could best prepare for their studies and wanted to know “what Uni would be like.” This fits with the current QAA theme which has clearly identified transitions as key to supporting students and their education. Students clearly valued the chance to engage in conversations with staff about their education and to gain a glimpse of their future and reassurance about the support they could receive and the character of the university.  Attending this event reinforced for us how important it is to engage pre-arrival with students, not just for the sake of the students, but also for those of us working in the university to be reminded of what it is like to be embarking on a new programme of study and to help us make sure we stay relevant for our students.



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